Welcome to The Peek Performance partnership page.  Because you are a valued broker partner of Peek Performance, you are eligible for this special technology offer, supported by Peek Performance.  Peek Performance understands that technology helps agencies grow but the best technology can be expensive! This is why Peek Performance is helping you get the best technology to help you explode your business during AEP and beyond!

Linked.Exchange will be providing quoting enrollment technology for ACA and Altrua HealthShares application submissions.  In addition, all users will have access to UHCOne ancillary products including: dental, vision, critical illnesses, hospital indemnity, and term life!  As a CMS Web-Broker Entity, Linked.Exchange users can process ACA applications seamlessly, for all FFM states, without requiring a consumer to have a HealthCare.gov username and password.

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The Peek Performance, Linked.Exchange platform offer includes:

  • Unlimited ACA application processing! (For the 2017 Open Enrollment) - If you choose to keep the platform active after the 2017 AOE the monthly fee is $39.95 per month. SEP’s, Life Changes, Altrua and voluntary plans can be completed on the platform year round. If you choose not to continue, you will have the month of February 2017 to download all your client data. Linked.Exchange keeps no data for non-active brokers in the system.
  • Processing of all Altrua HealthShares application submissions!

NO CHARGE – Fees paid by Peek Performance!

  • Unlimited consumer dashboards! (24/7 access for your clients to run quotes, access plan information and enroll, for the 2017 Open Enrollment)

NO CHARGE – Fees paid by Peek Performance! (For the 2017 Open Enrollment)

  • Bundle and package ancillary plans!

($10 per application submission to the carrier, paid by broker if ancillary plans are offered. UHCOne application submissions are $5 per submission)

  • Self-Enrollment options for consumers!
  • Capture Non-benefitted employees in group accounts!
  • Robust reporting options!
  • Year round agency management platform helping you grow your business versus just processing an application or replacing losses!

File Upload Services:

  • File upload option for existing consumer clients that need to be imported into your platform (The first 100 clients uploaded are inlcuded in your basic set-up fee.  If you are uploading 101-500 clients the upload fee is $69.95.  If you are uploading 500+ clients the fee is $99.95.  There is normally an upload fee of $199.95 for any size client upload.  However, because you are partnered with Peek Performance, you receive the first 100 client uploads at no charge!) Users do not have to use the file upload feature if you choose not to.
  • Bundle and package ancillary plans to Altrua HealthShares or ACA plan options

($5 per application submission to the carrier, paid by broker if ancillary plans are offered)

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We look forward to working with you and your agency!

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