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InsureTech - Technology is the key to a scalable solution. We provide  custom that stand alone or integration solutions.
Consultancy - From limited to full service support, you decide. Assitance with technology and enrollment collaboration for partners that request it.
Collaboration - Services to assist agency partners with client engagement, product selection, enrollment support and vendor management.
Protecting your clients data is the highest priority.  Our solution is cloud based and all data is protected through our multi-layer HIPAA compliant datacenter.

The Linked.Exchange SaaS platform solution is customizable, scaleable and easy to use. Every organization is different and should have a value proposition that stands out. Do your technology solutions elevate your organization and set you apart from the competition? 

Total Enrollment Consultancy & Collaboration Assistance - Linked.Exchange can provide virtual agent, call-center, or technology support only solutions to assist partners.