More Than Just A Private Insurance Exchange

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ACA (WBE) Web Broker Entity

We are are an approved Web Broker Entity with CMS.  We can help your organization customize your clients ACA experience.

Unique Platform Design

Our robust SaaS platform allows our broker/agency partners the ability to provide a complete solution for employee/member benefits enrollment and case management.  The platform can be used as a traditional group enrollment solution or to manage member based organizations like associations. 

Private Branding & Customization

Want to customize functionality for your Agency? No Problem! You can license our technology and work with our development team to create the exact solution for your organization.

Security, Compliance & Peace of Mind

Protecting your clients data is the highest priority.  Our solution is cloud based and all data is protected through our HIPAA compliant datacenter!

Our portal solves your employee benefits management needs without breaking the bank!

Our platform is scaleable and easy to use! Companies of all sizes can benefit from our portal.  Manage employee benefits with ease and provide employees and key administrators secure portal access to make approved elections or information changes. 

Our Subscription Plans

Working with us is easy! No more per application fees or limited enrollment access. We provide unlimited ACA application processing and the ability to manage your clients, both individual ACA, SHOP and Group. We offer two subscription options, one includes individual business only and the second includes both individual business, SHOP & custom group options.

If you are an agency or large distribution and would like to discuss custom solutions such as branding, agency customization or other considerations, contact us and let’s talk! We can tailor a solution specifically for your organization.

Check out what each level provides below and let us help you take your business to the next level!

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